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  • Too many projects and too little time
  • Increase project completion speed
  • Increase capacity for increased project demand


The number one cause of project failure does not lie in the merits of the strategy, but in the execution.  This involves knowledge of organizational behavior, team building, the technologies involved, financial analysis and the linkage of the project's objectives to the organizational benefit.  Successful achievement of organizational strategies requires defining, harnessing and mobilizing teams to execute on the projects that will bridge the vision to reality. Having experienced Project Managers to navigate the uncertainty of these initiatives is crucial for the project to accomplish its business objectives.




Through decades of managing healthcare projects, the Ellis & Adams Project Management team has developed the E&A Agile Project Management Framework for Healthcare.  This tool set incorporates principles and best practices from The Project Management Institute, Agile Development, Lean methodologies and practical experience in managing over 100 healthcare projects over 25 years.  The E&A Project Management services will provide scope, schedule, budget, quality and risk management to ensure the intended benefits of the overall program are realized.




  • Provides assurance that project will meet its business objective

  • Aligns the business objectives of the project to the project deliverables

  • Establishes a governance and reporting structure to routinely manage scope, schedule, budget, quality and risk management

  • Provides a dashboard to leadership to assess health of project and mitigate risk

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