Survey Shows that 12% of Project Investment is Wasted Due to Project Management Performance

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

We just finished reviewing PMI's 2016 annual Pulse of the Profession® survey. The results, taken from a survey of project and program managers across all industries shows that organizations waste US$122 million for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance — a 12 percent increase over last year.

Do we think this is indicative of what we see in healthcare?

The survey reveals an imperative to strengthen the conversation around the benefits of project management. Our experience as healthcare project managers is in line with this conclusion. We in healthcare need to understand the benefits and need for project management. Possibly more now than ever before as our industry is in the midst of a shifting landscape with healthcare reform well underway.

As part of E&A's core value of education, we provide project management training and educational sessions to healthcare providers. If you are interested in increasing the awareness of project management at your organization, feel free to contact us at

Thank you to Mark A. Langley, PMI President and CEO, and the other fantastic and dedicated team members serving at the Project Management Institute to bring information like this to the market.