• Do you need to lower costs by increasing workflow efficiency?
  • Does your hospital need standardized workflows?
  • Does your hospital have excess waste?


Long waits in the emergency room.  Difficulty moving patients from the emergency room to the floor.  Discharging takes hours and not minutes. Non-standard work- causing chaos and less than consistent care- is the result of broken processes.


Adopting a process improvement program that incorporates today's best practices is essential to meeting financial targets, performance goals, and a higher level of customer satisfaction and clinical outcomes.




Our Healthcare Process Improvement projects address these concerns. We start with a proven standard approach and customize it to your organizational needs. E&A experts work with your staff to create standardized work with process improvement methodologies based on Lean, Six-Sigma and industry best practices emphasizing increased efficiency, decreased waste, and methods to decide what matters rather than accepting pre-existing practices. Our program creates sustainable changes that lead to improved metrics, more engaged and satisfied employees and a better, safer patient experience. 




  • Reduced variability and increased ease of training for staff

  • Adds predictable outcomes for continual improvement measurement

  • Engages front-line staff to insert their ideas to improve the process

  • Increases team-work and raises expectations

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