• Is your new construction optimized for the future of healthcare?
  • How will the physical design of healthcare look tomorrow?
  • Is your physical design centered around the lives you cover?


Building new or replacement hospitals brings many challenges including accessing needed capital, deciding what specialties such as cardiology or orthopedics will be in the facility and how will technology be strategically distributed throughout the hospital and outside the four walls.




E&A's "Patient-Centered IT Infrastructure” (PCIT) is a methodology, framework and set of tools that ensures new hospitals incorporate all available knowledge of how IT strategy aligns with care process and physical construction design.  Having a patient-centered IT infrastructure ensures that the organization is maximizing the value of the projects it selects, avoiding non-value adding initiatives driven by a legacy business model. The E&A physical design team has deep expertise and experience in design strategy, facility planning, IT and operations management honed over decades of physical design engagements. 


The PCIT framework delivers insights to the new hospital construction steering committee through a collection of deliverables, including:


Analysis of clinical workflow, simulations to capture new patient-centered workflows

Design of PCIT infrastructure, focus on aligning facility & clinical process design

Deployment- use tools manage programs to completion 

Leveraging Lean and Six-Sigma strategies to ensure the best use of the space 

Implementation oversight, IT plans and support, and technology training plans




  • Reduces facility capital and operational cost

  • Provides high visibility for all technical systems

  • Brings future state vision of technology into the planning process

  • Provides for long term plant growth and ability to extend network

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