To improve the value of healthcare.  To identify and apply technologies that improve the public health.  To see problems through the eyes of our clients and work with them to deliver improvements to our healthcare system.

Everything we do starts with our compassion for others.  We aim to treat each of our clients’ patients the way we would want a loved one treated.



We spend our lives doing the work we do because we get joy from it.  Balance and harmony in the lives of our associates is at the core of this. We believe that the intellectual capital of the firm is our most valued asset and our associates’ happiness is at the root of that.  This translates into better service to our partners. We are committed to creating work lives that complement our personal lives to help foster a symphonic community.



Our firm invests 20% of every dollar earned back into our research and education efforts.  Identification of technological solutions to public health requires the ongoing commitment to education.  At E&A, we never stop learning. Education and intellect are at the core of what we do and our belief that the best answers to the most challenging questions are approached through a methodical and informed structure.


We are a team of collective intelligence.  Talented individuals working in concert allow our team to be greater than the sum of our parts.

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